The Finding Vegan App is here! After many months of planning, we are so happy to bring you guys this highly requested App.




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* ADD FAVORITES. Save new favorites in App by clicking the STAR in the upper right hand corner on the post page.
* VEGAN. Just like on, all recipes are vegan!**
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* GET THE RECIPE. Get recipe in the App by clicking through to website.
* SWIPE POSTS TO BROWSE. Visually flip through images once on the post page! (When you click on a post, swipe it left to see next full post!)
* SEARCH. Search keywords like: ice cream, chocolate, birthday cake, lasagna, anything you can dream up, you can search for it!
* CATEGORIES. Browse popular categories like: entree, dessert, salad, breakfast and more.
* NO ADS! Zero ads in App. Ad-free browsing, for of all that vegan eye candy.
* FAVE BLOGGERS. Browse all the recipes by your favorite blogger by searching for their username. (Bloggers: you can view your entire gallery by searching for your username!)
* YOUR GALLERY. Login and view your latest gallery posts. (for those who submit recipes)
* COMMUNITY + GRATITUDE. Owning this App makes you a part of the FindingVegan community, and all of here at FV thank you greatly for the support!

Finding Vegan is on a Roll! In just 5 years, Finding Vegan has:

* 69,000+ registered users
* 450,000+ likes on Facebook
* 33,000+ Twitter followers
* 65,000+ published recipe posts, submitted by talented food bloggers

By purchasing this App you are DIRECTLY supporting and all the passionate work we put into this site each day.

THANK YOU! We GREATLY appreciate your support so that we can continue bringing delicious, creative vegan recipes from a wide variety of bloggers, to people all over the world!

ANDROID. While we are rolling out the iPhone/iPad version first, the Android App is under development. We are hoping that we will be able to fund the release of an Android App if the iPhone version is a success.

Thank you for your support! I cannot wait to continue the Finding Vegan journey with you!

~ Kathy Patalsky, founder

About the founder of FindingVegan, Kathy Patalsky is an author and food blogger. Her popular vegan recipe blog, started in 2007. Kathy’s two cookbooks are 365 Vegan Smoothies and Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen. Kathy lives in Los Angeles.


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*VEGAN means no dairy, meat, fish, eggs or animal products of any kind. Once in a while we allow a recipe that makes one slight tweak to be vegan, when the blogger clearly states that tweak. If you find a non-vegan recipe on our site, please email contact at findingvegan dot com – and we will remove it ASAP!

Positive reviews are GREATLY encouraged and appreciated for our App store ranking and so that more people can find us in the “vegan” search results in the iTunes store.


* For some users, the favorites feature (in-App only) auto-ads a few recipes at the end of your favorites. This does not affect your desktop favorites. We are aware of this issue and looking into a fix, but we did not feel it was significant enough to delay App release.
* If you find a bug (since this is a brand new App!) instead of leaving review of it on iTunes, please email contact AT findingvegan DOT com. Thank you!