Finding Vegan | Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines and FAQs – Finding Vegan

1. Who Can Submit?

Anyone! ..all you need to have is:

1) a beautiful photo displaying your vegan recipe or “vegan find.”

2) a website/blog that links to more info about your vegan find.

Note that all submissions are individually moderated and Finding Vegan reserves the right to remove/reject submissions. You must own the copyright to the photo you submit.

And even if your website is not 100% vegan, that’s OK! You can still submit your vegan recipes/reviews/content. Just please make sure that your submission is vegan/ plant-based and DOES NOT include: dairy, eggs, honey, meat and all other animal products.


2. How do I track my submissions?

Your published submissions will be tracked via your “Pending Posts” and “Approved Posts” galleries, which you can access via your profile page when you are logged in. You will also have a public gallery page.

Your public gallery page: For example, if your username is IloveFindingVegan, your gallery will be


3. What are the categories of submission?

You can submit just about any vegan find, but the majority of our content is recipes! But you can also submit vegan travel finds, vegan restaurant reviews, vegan book reviews, vegan fashion find, cool vegan products and more — just make sure your submission has a compelling photo and blogpost to go along with it.


4. How do I Submit?

Step One: Create a vegan-friendly blogpost featuring your recipe or other content, and a high quality photo. Yes your photo will have to pass our editorial test. No fuzzy, blurry, dark, oddly framed, bad-lighting photos will be accepted. Remember, the photo you submit must be YOURS – you took it, own the copyright and authorize us to re-post the pic here on FindingVegan.

Step Two: Resize your photo to be LESS THAN 1000px x 1000px in size. You can use our cropping tool to perfectly frame the photo to meet our sizing. NOTE: Cropping errors WILL occur if you try to submit a photo that is larger than 1000px wide OR 1000px high.

So, just for example, if you post photos that are already re-sized to 600px wide on your blog, you do not need to do any resizing to submit.

Step THREE: When logged in, click the SUBMIT button to navigate to the submission page. Then upload your image, add a few tags, a description and your blogpost link (not your home page, but the permalink of your blogpost.)

Then click through to the cropping tool page and click CROP AND SUBMIT button. You will be notified via email if we publish your post! It usually takes a few days for us to judge your submission due to the volume of submissions we receive. If your post is not approved, you will not be notified, but the photo will disappear from the “pending submissions” section of your profile, when logged in.

Common reasons why we reject submissions: dim lighting, cropping errors, fuzzy photos, composition problems, not compelling subject matter, contains non-vegan ingredients.


5. Why Was My Submission Rejected?

*Duplicate Submission

*Poor Quality Photo – no this doesn’t mean you photo was “bad” and needs a time out. It just means that it does not meet the image quality for the site. Clarity, framing, color and light are all very important factors in your photos. Use a high quality camera. Use a few editing tools. Make your vegan discovery shine!

*Poor Subject Matter – lack of interesting subject matter for the audience.

*SPAM/Sales – yes, you can submit a review of a product – but if the photo or link are too slimy salesman – it won’t get accepted.

*Photo Framing – your image was OK, but the framing of the subject matter was off or a cropping error occured.

If you are rejected – don’t give up! You can resubmit the post with another image from the post.


6. Can I Only Submit Food/Recipes?

No way, we love all vegan finds. See above for other ideas.

And again, even if your website is not 100% vegan – you can still submit vegan-friendly recipes/content.


7. I want to Tweet/Link/Email a specific posted photo – How do I get the permalink?

All published images are numbered. Click on the number in the tag row and you will be directed to the permalink page for that submission.


8. What is the goal of Finding Vegan? is a user-submitted community of vegan discoveries. All things vegan. Found! Share your discovery with the world and inspire others.


9. Who is Finding Vegan For?

Everyone! Longtime vegans, vegan newbies, vegetarians, curious omnivores and even skeptical critics. Peruse, discover, get inspired. The Finding Vegan doors are open to anyone.


10. Who is Behind Finding Vegan?

Kathy Patalsky founded Finding Vegan in 2012. You can learn more about Kathy by visiting her blog Healthy Happy Life –

You can also find Kathy on twitter at @lunchboxbunch.


11. How do I get Featured on the Finding Vegan Facebook or Twitter pages or Newsletter?

Featured recipes are randomly chosen by our editor.


12. How do I contact Finding Vegan?

Email contact at findingvegan dot com.

Please follow us on Twitter and facebook and share our website with your friends! Thank you for being a part of the Finding Vegan community!