Hi, I'm Kathy Patalsky

Founder of Finding Vegan + HealthyHappyLife.com

About Kathy

WORK: Kathy founded HealthyHappyLife.com in 2007, a popular recipe and vegan lifestyle blog that has inspired thousands of fans to live healthier, more compassionate lives.

Through her platform, she released two cookbooks, and developed thousands of recipes and blog posts.

A few years later, she created FindingVegan.com to further inspire her beloved veg-curious community. FV helped people discover hundreds of talented vegan-friendly bloggers via social media.

LOCATION: Hailing from Santa Cruz, California, and having spent her early blogging days in DC & NYC, Kathy currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter.

EDUCATION: With a science background, B.S. in nutrition and health promotion from American University, Kathy's expertise extends far beyond the kitchen. She is an avid creative writer, photographer and visual artist. She attended Otis Art School and also holds a screenwriting certificate from UCLA - allowing her to tell engaging stories that enhance her teaching skills.

This is my Story.

My life's journey has been all about transformation ‚Äď physically, mentally, and spiritually. I've overcome food challenges, battled an eating disorder, and grappled with body image.

Growing up, I naturally avoided meat and fish, and in my teens, I explored vegetarianism. Veganism wasn't even on my radar in the '90s.

During college, I experimented with diets to cope with academic and societal pressures, even trying extreme ones like Atkins. It was a low point where I felt disconnected from my values - love for animals, body acceptance, and holistic well-being. My healing took time, but it's shown me that veganism can aid others on their wellness journey.

And that is why I am so passionate about what I dofor a living! I get to help others discover plant-based recipes, habits and joy. Help people connect, feel pride and break through challenges when it comes to vegan life.

What Going Vegan Means to Me

It's not just food, guys.

Going vegan means embracing plant-based habits and products, engaging in activities that support your values, finding your voice and using it when you need to and basically living with some positive plant-based karma in your heart every day of the week!

This is a soulful thing. Not just about labels and boxes and ingredient lists and rules.

It's holistic, not just about what's on your plate. It's also about vegan fashion and cruelty-free beauty, aligning everyday choices with values.

While constantly reminding yourself -- and others -- that there is no such thing as a perfect vegan. I opened a can of cat food this morning for my two cats and had to remind myself that very thing.

Mental health comes first, guys.

Many of us have complex relationships with food nowadays. If you seek well-being in mind, body, and spirit, and want to break free from the "diet cycle" by aligning your lifestyle with your values, veganism could be the answer.

Eat more plants. Embrace joy. Cultivate your mindset. Find your voice. Be fearless. Have pride in your compassionate spirit.

I think you are pretty darn awesome, just for showing up, having these thoughts, and investigating this lifestyle.

We all end up where we were meant to land. I have so much confidence that eventually, all "vegans" find their way to veganism. And I want to help make that happen with more ease, joy and friendship.


Go Vegan -- At Your Own Pace, Friends..

And guess what? You don't have to go entirely vegan to enter this community.

That's a common misconception. I advocate for imperfection, doing your best, letting go of what no longer serves you, and gradually embracing changes. You can make some changes quickly, but others may take months or even years. And that's perfectly okay! It's all part of the positive transformation, allowing yourself to heal your relationship with food fully and authentically.

It's about evolving into your truest self and embracing your own pace without comparing yourself to others!

Incorporating more plant-based foods, reducing animal products, and shifting your food mindset can lead to a monumental positive life transformation!


Don't Get Stuck on Rules.

So many people get stuck on the "rules" of veganism. Don't! Start small. Start with one gut feeling. Keep going.

Vegan is not a diet! It is a choice your heart makes.

See how far that gut feeling takes you.

Sharing my Skills!

I hope to be your plant-based mentor.

Over two decades, I've been immersed in all things vegan. I have developed recipes, engaged with fellow vegan voices, collaborated with global brands and chefs, and uncovered valuable plant-based life hacks and tips.

I've distilled this knowledge into an accessible system.

And I cannot wait to share it with you.

Whether you seek to add more plant-based meals, reduce environmental impact, support animals, or simply try new recipes for yourself or your family, I am here to guide you.

It's Your Turn!

 If my journey resonates with you, I invite you to take the first step by snagging my PDF of printable cheat sheets!


Discover the joy, peace, and community that comes with plant-based living.

Kathy Patalsky